Create Custom Scenes

Please note that the requirements and specifications listed in this document are subject to changes as we continue to develop and test 3D assets within Carda Station.

Lunar Setting

Carda Station is based on the moon and as such, there are unique requirements in this setting.


Any transition from outdoors to indoors and vice versa needs to go through an airlock.

Fauna and Flora

Unless enclosed in a pressurised compartment / suit, there should be no living plants or animals outdoors.


Gravity on Carda Station is set to 1.67m/s2. Expect any models to react accordingly.

Indoor Space

Any indoor scene should be completely enclosed without any openings such as open windows or doorways.


There should be no animations that assumes there is a breeze given the lack of an atmosphere on the moon.

3D Models

Visit 3D Models Page for more information.

Interactive Models

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