What are construction NFTs?

Construction NFTs were the first NFT released by Carda Station. They are a limited series of 1000 NFTs that confer benefits to the holders. These include free airdrops, early access to features and exclusive access to locations.

Do I need Construction NFTs to build?

No, construction NFTs have nothing to do with the ability to build structures in the world. They are not required to build.

Can Construction NFT dome completion percentages be upgraded to get completed domes?

No, as Construction NFTs are not required to build, there is no need and it is not possible to upgrade them. Their attributes will not change.

What are the completion percentages?

The completion percentages played a part in the NFT rarity, see #rarity, and determined some past and future rewards.

Does rarity matter for rewards?

No, not necessarily. It only matters in the sense that the rarer NFTs contained more attributes to gain specific rewards. As of now there will be no difference in conferred benefits such as discord roles or token drops based on rarity. There may however be future rewards based on the attributes in the NFTs.

Do we get token drops for construction NFTs?

Yes, construction NFTs as well as the land plots will be awarded token drop(s).

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