3D Models

Unit owners can upload custom 3D models to their plots as long as they meet the Carda Station Compatible Assets specifications.

The Carda Staiton Viewer will be updated to preview your builds.

Please note that the requirements and specifications listed in this document are subject to changes as we continue to develop and test 3D assets within Carda Station.

Model Requirements


All animations should be embedded into the glb file.

By default, only the first animation will play. Multiple animations can be combined into one when exporting to the binary glb file format (.glb). In Blender, this is accomplished through assigning the same group name in the Non-Linear Animation editor.

Unity Specific Mesh Naming

Meshes can be named in such a way that a corresponding action will be added to the object when imported into Unity. A mesh name listed below with an "*" on the end means that multiple meshes can be named with the prefix, with an unique suffix added to each mesh.

The following actions can be assigned to a mesh by assigning the corresponding name:


Cameras are not allowed as these interfere with the player's camera. Ensure any camera is deleted.

File Type

The 3D Model will need to be a binary GLTF file format (.glb). The glb version is smaller in size compared to the gltf version and will allow for faster downloads and rendering.


Lights are currently not supported. You can use materials with emissions instead.


Supported shaders are PBR Metallic-Roughness, PBR Specular-Glossiness and Unlit.


To help align the rotation of your model in the world, use the following to map your positions to the unit. Y- = Unit Entrance X- = East of Entrance Y+ = South of Entrance X+ = West of Entrance


The model should be positioned at the centre of the 3D application at (0,0,0). Do not build out from position (0,0,0) but rather ensure the centre of your model is positioned at (0,0,0).


Ensure models are scaled correctly and fit within the unit's boundaries.


Texture size should not exceed 1024 by 1024 pixels. Color depth should be no more than 8-bit if PNG, or Quality Level 6 if JPG. All textures should be embedded onto the glb file.

Preloaded default textures will be added to the player's clients for faster rendering. These will be shared when made available.

Scene Limitations

Each unit can use 2 meters of space in front of the entrance.

Each unit with space above can use up to 5 meters of the height above the roof of the unit.

Scene Examples

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