The construction crew title is awarded to wallets that hold the Construction Crew NFTs. These are the first NFTs by Carda Station and will continuously give holders free airdrops, early access to features and access to private locations.

Video Overview

Upcoming Rewards

Native Token Drop

23,000 $CAST per NFT

Units in Community Domes (SNAPSHOT TAKEN 20TH OCTOBER 2022)

The community dome is being built. We expect to have 1000 units available.

  • Anyone with 100% completed Residential Dome in their NFT will get a free unit air dropped. There is no limit to this - if you have 2 eligible NFTs in the same wallet, you'll get 2 air dropped.

  • All construction NFT holders will get a discount when minting

Past Rewards

Free Land on the Moon and Early Access to Minting

Free Rovers

Free Maps

Biodome Scene (yet to be airdropped)

Skins for Rover

If your construction NFT has one of the attributes below, you will be air dropped a Legendary Skin that can be applied to your 1S Model Rover

  • Rover with blue Carda Station Logo

  • Rover with Carda Station Logo

  • Rover with Rocks

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