Carda Station

Carda Station Documentation

Carda Station is a metaverse on a lunar base with all assets stored on Cardano blockchain. This ensures they are owned by the users.
You can explore the world with an in game character and interact with other players through hangouts, games, or events.
Please not that development is still ongoing. The current build is not finished the product.


Led by a visionary yet mysterious character named Rocco, a group of pioneers have established a colony on the moon with the aim of creating an open and welcoming city.
Construction is still ongoing with pioneers building their homes and experiences on the moon.
When a safe and functioning colony has been established, there will be games and events taking place. And residents will be able to go wandering to explore the discover what the lunar surface has to offer.


Anyone can own land on Carda Station. These will be stored in the user's wallet to ensure they are in complete control of it.
Land owners can build unique scenes within Carda Station. Anyone visiting will be able to see all the different buildings around, and can interact with them through experiences created by the land owner. This can include allowing visitors to purchase items they can view in the metaverse, or charging an entrance fee for a mini game.


Players roam around and interact with other players using a 3D avatar. Within Carda Station, two different avatars will be required - one for indoor settings and another for outdoors.


Items can be equipped and provide unique effects. These are also stored on the blockchain and are accessible via the user's wallet.


The in game currency is Carda Station Token ($CAST | Policy id: cdaaee586376139ee8c3cc4061623968810d177ca5c300afb890b48a). Only these tokens will be accepted for all transactions in the metaverse.
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