Carda Station


ADA Minions

ADA Minions were sent into space to clear up the debris on the moon. Following the mission’s success, the Minions’ return to earth did not go as planned. With their memories damaged, they have now developed individual personalities and are scattered on the moon. Residents of Carda Station, if you can recover these ADA Minions, they will stick by you as your loyal companions


MetaJet aims to provide a practical way to travel throughout the metaverses. MetaJet embodies an NFT representation of a unique jet pack for a single-user experience, that is visually sleek, compact, and seamlessly applicable to to a plethora of playable characters and avatars. MetaJet is a wallet-bound asset and therefore interchangeable per avatar/metaverse. Each wallet that contains one of the 9,999 MetaJet 2D NFTs will have the ability to gain an equip-able and useable jet pack inventory item in partner metaverses such as Carda Station.
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